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Women’s Economic Rights:  Ending Poverty and Injustice

Women’s economic rights are the cornerstone of the fight against poverty and injustice. When women have the right to work, to operate businesses, to borrow money and to own property, whole families and communities prosper. However, for these rights to be recognized, respected and fully enjoyed, we need to better support local actors and to invest more in local and regional initiatives. Success requires taking action at several levels: community, municipal, national and regional. Click here to find out more.

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Regional Training Workshop: Women Self-Empowerment and Leadership: The Right to Inheritance (Amman- Jordan)

Organized by CAWTAR, with the support of the Regional Office in Amman, under the framework of the Regional Economic Empowerment of Women Project, will be held in Amman (4th - 7th February 2013).


The Regional Economic Empowerment of Women Project (REEWP) took part in the Vth World Congress of Agronomists and Agrologists from September 17th till the 21st in Québec City in Canada

The  (REEWP) took part in the Vth World Congress of Agronomists and Agrologists from September 17th till the 21st in Québec City in Canada

Jordan's Stance on the Issue of Citizenship

Women non –government organizations and human rights advocates including" My Mother is Jordanian and her citizenship is my Right”Campaign, has held several protests recently demanding to lift Jordan's reservation on Article 9 of CEDAW and to amend the Nationality Law to ensure equal rights so that women can pass on their citizenship to their children.

Regional Dialogue on Enhancing Democracy through Strengthening Women’s Social, Political and Economic Rights

The European Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI, Association Najdeh and RDFL in Lebanon, with the support of EU, REEWP/Oxfam-Québec and Friedrich Naumann Foundation organized a Roundtable discussion in Beirut between the 20th till the 21st of June.

Unemployment in Tunisia- Facts & Figures

The National Survey prepared by the National Statistics Institute (NSI) on employment in Tunisia recorded a slight decline in the unemployment rate in Tunisia reaching 18.1% in the first quarter of 2012 compared to 18.9% in the last quarter of 2011.

Namlieh participation in The Garden Show

For four years running, Namlieh participated in The Garden Show & Spring Festival between May 29th-June 2nd, 2012 at the Beirut Hippodrome.

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